A Medical Assistant Career Impacts Lives for the Better

For those who dream of working in the health care field, a medical assistant career working with doctors, physicians and medical specialists can be the key to a rewarding life. Medical assistants work in a versatile, in-demand health care career field that allows them to interact with patients and professionals, and potentially affect the lives of everyone they come in contact with in a positive way.

Medical assistants are the health care professionals responsible for making sure the needs of patients are met. And in today’s busy health care environment, doctors rely more and more on the skills and contributions that are inherent in a qualified medical assistant. Career-wise, medical assistants are capable of carrying out a wide array of responsibilities that include recording patient medical histories, monitoring patient vital signs, taking blood pressure and possibly taking blood samples or performing ultrasounds.

The surge of those who pursue medical assistant careers is driven, in part, by an increased demand for medical care. As diagnostic technological breakthroughs continue to advance and preventative health care is robustly encouraged by the medical industry, many people may naturally enjoy a longer life span. And these are people who may require ongoing medical attention.  

The result is that doctors, physicians and dentists have a need for highly skilled caregivers who are sympathetic to the needs of patients. These talented medical assistants will emerge to fill the need from top medical assistant programs across the nation.

Medical assistant career professionals can earn a competitive rate for their work, as they are recognized and as a vital member of any health care team. According to information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States Department of Labor, 2010-11 Edition, the median annual wage and salary, as recent as May 2008, was $28,300 for the typical medical assistant. Career options and professional mobility may vary for individuals based on personal skills, knowledge, local market conditions and whether they posses the distinction of being a certified medical assistant (CMA) or registered medical assistant (RMA).

One great benefit of pursuing a medical assistant career is there will always be a need for qualified and well-trained professionals who can perform as needed on the first day of employment.

Inquire about the job training, education and resources available with respect to the career you seek. Plan, aspire and achieve your dreams.

Always stay informed!

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